What Makes a Great Neighbourhood?

As I drove home from my road trip to California (details to come in another post, I promise!), I thought a lot about The Neighbourhood Agency, why I was drawn to the name, and the concept behind it. And that got me thinking about all of my experience with the neighbourhoods I’ve been lucky to be part of until now.

I was one of those kids who never moved during childhood. I lived in Kingston, in the same house, for more than 20 years. It was all I knew. It was a great neighbourhood for so many reasons. That’s where I met my first friend, and many more. We played in our driveways, or in the streets, coming home when the street lights came on, or when our “louder” neighbour called for her son to come for dinner. Our neighbours were always patient with us as we grew up, had parties and became a bit louder than we’d been as kids. And while a lot of those times were fun, there were also some times where we needed support. And our neighbours were always there for that. It could be as simple as taking in our mail when we were away, but there were also many more serious events like family deaths, where we knew our neighbours were there for us. They were more than neighbours, they were, and still are, our friends.

I lived in a number of other great places throughout the years, but I don’t think my next true “neighbourhood” formed until I moved to Sudbury Street in Toronto. Once again, it was a place where neighbours became friends. We helped each other out, held garage sales together, looked after plants and pets, and perhaps had a few beverages together from time to time.

And then I moved to Vancouver. I found my true Neighbourhood when I moved to the Olympic Village. This is my place. Why was it so different? Friends. People from all different backgrounds. People who work in all different kinds of industries. With kids. Without. With dogs. Without. But we ALWAYS support each other. Even if you move away, you’re still part of this Neighbourhood. This is how things should be.

So…how does that translate into a business model?

I see The Neighbourhood Agency in the same way. We are here for each other. To support each other. Build each other up. We have created a place where we bring together great people with different backgrounds who provide unique insights, experience and skills. We may have different goals for our lives and businesses, but at the end of the day, we want to see everyone succeed.

And, while we know this is a great concept for our team, we believe it will also provide great benefits for our clients. Our team of incredibly diverse professionals will deliver amazing results to ensure our clients experience success. We all believe that being a great Neighbour is incredibly important, so whether it’s a PR and marketing program, or just a cup of milk or sugar, we’re here for you.